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Wedding Dresses from such designers as Waters, Willowbywaters, Kittychen, Eve of Milady, WToo, Moonlight, Mori Lee. Bridesmaids dresses as well as Mothers.


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Kellie S.

Best bridal salon ever! My best friend recently got her bridal gown here and we ( the bridal party) got a great deal on our dresses because of that as well. The selection was enormous, prices ranged for everyone's budget and the staff was caring and kind. There was a lot of questions about fit and alterations and everyone was super helpful to inform and answer and questions even after we received the dresses. There was no pressure to buy for anyone they really took the time to make sure everything would be to the bride's liking with honest opinions even when it wasn't beneficial to the business. They took the time to make her feel beautiful with a gorgeous dress and the perfect accessories and bridesmaids dresses. If you want a memorable experience with selection of unique and beautiful dresses go here!


Cheryl A.

Unfortunately, B Ella didn't have many quality dresses to choose from nor did they have a very experienced or professional staff.  We had a 90 minute appointment scheduled only to be bombarded by another group of loud girls who were friends of one of the staff.  They made themselves comfortable in our designated area with that staff member and it was very annoying.  The staff member did not ask them to relocate to another part of the shop so potential paying customers could enjoy their experience.  The remainder of the clueless staff were were congregated at the front of the store.  The alterations would not be done on site or by B Ella we're told, so the confidence would not be there for us that the dress would be measured or altered correctly (who would be held responsible)?  I was not impressed with their shop at all; it was unkempt and disheveled.  When a bride and bridal party spend that much money, I for one, would expect something close to perfection.  Sorry to say, I'm surprised anyone would rate this shop higher than a 1 star.   We will not be returning or ordering anything from B Ella Bridal.


Denisse R.

My experience was incredible ! I did not find just one dress as my wedding gown but 2! Everyone was so helpful , they all collaborated to find me the dress of my dreams ! They have up to 200 wedding gowns (0-00) plus they also have an off the rack store next to them 9-99.They have a ton of veils 0-0Belts 0-0They have a mother of the bride and a bridesmaid section. My mom looked gorgeous thanks to them.


Mariam N.

I came here to get a dress for my bridal shower and I was nervous the sales attendant wouldn't be willing to spend time with me considering I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money but I was wrong. They were all very kind and helpful. I was so pleased with my dress and everybody there was very friendly. Definitely recommend!


Stephanie K.

I'm 32 and I'm almost to a "28 dresses" level when it comes to purchasing bridesmaid dresses, so it is not my first rodeo. This establishment and your experience here will be lackluster at best. I did not feel welcomed when I arrived and I felt like an inconvenience. After I tried my dress on they informed me I was about three sizes bigger than I had ever bought a dress before. I triple checked measurements with their dress size measurements. Ok, it must just be odd sizing here, I thought. It took five months, fiiiiive months, to get the dress in. When I picked up my dress, I arrived an hour before closing time. I walked to the back where I heard noise coming from, to find out every single employee was attending a birthday party with nobody available to assist customers. My dress was entirely too big, and I could have easily gone down a dress size or two. When I asked how long it took for alterations they told me 6-8 weeks, which was too late for the wedding date. I took my dress to Perfect Fit at Margaret's in Plymouth (amazing, check my review there, I've been going to her for years). She was astonished at the dress size and asked where I purchased it from, because she couldn't believe how big it was. Out of a local-business professional courtesy, she simply said, well at least we can find your hips now! The other bridesmaids had terrible experiences that include multiple sizes that are far too large, an incorrect dress ordered, delays in obtaining our dresses and customer service skills that are sub par. If you have money to spend,  patience for excessive alterations and do not mind poor customer service, then go here. Otherwise, please do yourself a favor and find a classier establishment.


Lisa B.

VERY unwelcoming upon arrival. Dirty and outdated  . The salesperson didnt talk or help in and out of dresses or help unclip or unzip or hang up the dresses. SO weird!!! Vibe of a funeral home!


Melody K.

Everyone talks about that "feeling" that you get when you find your Wedding dress. That you'll "just know". I was pretty sure that I had found my dress, but I didn't think I had a magic feeling, just thought it was absolutely gorgeous and something I'd always wanted. I had been following the Duke for months, if you aren't you should be ( @dukeofdresses), and just knew that I had to work with him. He's so interactive with brides on his social media, breaks the gown language down for us to understand, and has OUTSTANDING taste! I went into an the bridal salon with such excitement, and not the usual overwhelming, nervousness. Dominique is literally my Fairy Godbrother lol!! I expressed my desires and dreams to him and he brought them to life in a way that I never imagined! After telling him the things I loved, liked, and didn't care for, he let us browse the store while he also pulled some pieces for me. I felt so amazing in every single gown. The last gown I tried on was one that I immediately thought, "pretty, but not going to be the one." When I walked out everyone was in tears!!When I tell you I was in SHOCK, that's an understatement. I literally stood in this absolutely stunning gown, that I sworeeee I'd never wear and questioned everything I thought I knew for about 20 minutes. Never did Dominique get annoyed or bothered with me, which was amazing. He's so sweet, kind, and intuitive listening to things I'd said, but making sure I looked like a breathtaking bride and not just a girl in a pretty/sexy dress. That feeling people tell you about is so so real. Do not stop looking until you feel it. Make an appointment with the Duke, you won't be sorry


Stephanie M.

You might find a nice dress here but I'm giving it one star bc when I tried on the dress i loved then went to order it, they convinced me to order two sizes too large then have it altered, so I listened and had it altered there and it ended up being way to big on my wedding day. I was so upset. I would have had to pay alteration prices again to get it tightened (couldn't afford to pay anymore) it's really disappointing. I only get that day once and spent so much money. The photo I attached was how it looked when I tried it on the right vs my wedding day.


Amanda M.

Not sure how I didn't post a review of B. Ella Bridal sooner!! Let me just start by saying don't walk, RUN here for all your bridal needs. I had visited countless bridal gown shops and found myself at a loss for my dream dress. And then I found Dominique a.k.a. my angel from heaven! Dominique and the rest of the staff at B Ella bridal are so knowledgeable and so welcoming and truly know how to make you feel like a bride. I was by myself when I came in searching for a wedding gown and thought that I would miss having my mom and family by my side for this big occasion. Dominique immediately made me feel at ease and he went right to work to help me make my dream dress a reality. Not only did he put me in styles I like, but he convinced me to try on things I was "dead set" against, just so I could be sure. Turns out, some of those dresses ended up being big contenders! All in all, I found my dress and could not be happier. Fast forward to today, I found myself needing assistance with accessories. I was welcomed with the same warm greetings and everyone remembered me! Dominique went the extra mile to pull my dress from the back so I could try it on with veils and accessories. Again he made my bridal dreams come true and I found a great headpiece to go with a veil that I already had borrowed from a friend. No pressure to buy one of their veils! He said as long as I'm happy! Such a great business to work with and I can't say enough great things!!!!!!


Amy P.

If you're looking for a beautiful wedding dress that's unique and at an incredible price, look no further! I had an appointment this morning with Dominique at Bride & Joy (their off the rack location down the street) and couldn't have asked for a better experience! He was so friendly and knowledgeable and best of all made the experience so much fun! They have a ton of different dresses to try on no matter your preferred style or budget. You might have an idea of what you want your dress to be like but believe me, Dominique will show you something better than you ever could have imaged. I ended up saying "Yes!" to the second dress I tried on. 10/10 go here (Bride & Joy or the main boutique, B. Ella) and book an appointment with Dominique!


Rhiannah L.

I absolutely LOVED this bridal boutique . The staff, especially Nancy, were all very helpful and lovely. They make you feel completely comfortable and special. Nancy was my bridal assistant and she pulled out the winning dress on first try! Pricing, selection and staff all are fabulous. The boutique is nicely set up so all people with you can sit comfortably in nice couches. I'd recommend B Ella to anyone.  I can't say enough good things about B Ella and am so excited for my dress!


Sarah H.

B Ella had exactly what I was looking for. They had a wonderful selection and the entire staff was SO warm and friendly. Nancy was our consultant and she truly made me and my mom and my guests feel so excited about the whole experience that we wanted to invite her to the wedding. Definitely made the day memorable, easy, and fun. Highly recommend.


P Q.

Very pretentious....we were shopping for a prom dress and after finally being greeted, we were shown to the prom dress section and left to fend for ourselves. There was never an offer to help or ask if my daughter wanted to try anything on. A male employee was very rude to us and made us feel like since we were not there for a wedding dress, we were not worthy of his attention. I would never recommend this place. Reminded me of the bridal shop in the movie Bridesmaids.


Diane B.

My daughter & I first went to there other shop Bride & Joy & it was not open, we called the number on the door & they had Katherine come over & help us.  She was very nice & accommodating.  Spent all her time with my daughter and was very pleasant. I would highly recommend this Bridal Shop.


Jay K.

I went to B Ella Bridal Boutique in Plymouth, Michigan to buy my wedding dress. First off, I made an appointment with "Z" but when I showed up, they didn't remember me and I had to wait for them to help me to find my dress. The staff seemed friendly at first, but I later realized that it was quite fake just in order to make the sale. I tried on about 10 dresses there (I had previously tried on other dresses at other boutiques and had an idea of the style I wanted), but when I found the style of dress that I had been looking for, it was damaged and the zipper did not close. "Z" held the dress together in the back and the dress seemed to fit and she ensured me that as long as I had a professional fix my zipper, the dress was a perfect fit. I had some reservations but she strongly pressured me and promised that the dress truly fit and there would be no problems. I purchased the dress and had the zipper repaired only to discover that when the zipper zipped up, I now showed an amount of back fat that I don't really have. It's literally he dress being too small now that we can actually zip it up. I'm 5"9 and 130 pounds, so I'm not overweight by any means. I didn't gain any weight, in fact the opposite a few pounds. The tailor explained to me that when "Z" held the dress together, she actually in fact held the dress up much higher than the dress was designed to fit. I explained to "Z" what the tailor said and asked if there was anything that could be done about the situation, since I'm getting married in ONE week, and she said because I purchased the dress she was relieved of all responsibility. She was extremely rude and condescending on the phone and I hung up in tears realizing that she only cared about making the sale rather than helping me find the perfect dress for my wedding. I would STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT ever go to this boutique as they truly do not care about people but only about money. I'm so upset and feel as though I was lied to by these sales people and was misled in the design and fit of the dress. They didn't accept any responsibility in the situation and I'm so upset and can't imagine wearing this dress down the aisle.


Julie K.

If you want that "Say Yes to the Dress" experience and are skinny and rich, then you might like this place.After seeing their ads in Hour magazine, I stopped by one evening to check it out. They weren't terribly busy, but somehow took forever to greet me unenthusiastically, as if my presence was a nuisance. Maybe because I didn't have an appointment they didn't help me? They let me wander around and look, but I was told there wouldn't be much in my size (16) in a way that made me think people my size don't shop here. I found a couple dresses to try on. When in the dressing room and I needed assistance, an associate was never to be found, though I could hear them carousing in the break room. Selection is meh. Service is awful. Go somewhere else.


Kristina R.

This shop is amazing! Very friendly, warm and welcoming. Dominique got me in my dream dress after many trials and it's absolutely perfect. He even helped us find MoH dresses and our bridesmaids dresses. He was very honest and helpful through the whole process from start to finish. Would recommend this place to anyone!


Breanna H.

This review is for midnight madness back in October. Denise was fabulous! I told her what I was looking for and she knew exactly the dresses to pull. I found the most perfect dress in 20 minutes!! I was so impressed with the professionalism. They were so helpful! Anyone looking for one on one with an associate who will listen and take care of you, ask for Denise!


Therese G.

Perfect!  The service, the dresses, the help . . . all PERFECT.  My daughter, her future mother-in-law, and I went shopping on a recent Saturday.  We went to 3 shops that day.  I have nothing bad to say about the other two except to say B Ella was THE best.  Dominique was our consultant.  My daughter and her friends call him the "dress whisper".  He helped pick the perfect dress for two of her friends and for her!  He listened to what she wanted and brought dresses that fit her description and that would look great on her.  The dress we selected was as perfect as the shop.They have dresses to fit every budget and style needs. The owner, Britney, and everyone else in the shop was great.  They truly wanted my daughter to have the perfect dress for her day.  Go shop the others if you want but B Ella Bridal is all you need.  Did I mention it was PERFECT!


Megan G.

This is actually a review for their sister store, Bride & Joy. It is an off the rack store that they use to sell discontinued dresses or ones they are no longer carrying - you get to try on and buy that day the dress that has been in the store as a sample for trying on. I got the most beautiful dress for almost half off! It was one size too big, but I had it altered and no one knew that it originally didn't fit. The store doesn't always have a staff person, so I just called the phone number and an associate from the store came over to open it for me and helped me to find my perfect dress after describing what I was looking for. Highly recommended if you don't mind buying a dress that has been tried on before, but hey, if you're only wearing it for one day, who cares?

About B Ella Bridal and reviews