Enjoy a Beauty Day by Iroha nature

Hello Beauty!
Today I come back to write about a feminine cosmetic product , in this case about the brand> Iroha Nature.

You can see when I talk to you about your Facial masks and your c exfoliating socks . And now I'm going to show you their cream masks called Enjoy a Beauty Day from Iroha nature and I'll give you my opinion on them.

What masks have I tried from Iroha nature?

I have tried these two facial masks, Facial Peeling Gel - soft - Apricot and Radical face mask day .

Peeling Gel Facial of Iroha nature:

It is a soft mask of Apricot Peeling, is composed of some soft microgranules of Apricot and Apple.

This facial mask is clean, purified and prepares the skin to enhance the results of the BeautyTime masks.

Apricot contains a large amount of vitamin A that will help enrich and revitalize your skin. The apple also, with its astringent properties, will allow you to eliminate impurities and reaffirm your complexion.
Its container is 25 ml and gives for about 14 times, its price of € 5.50

To me the truth is that I loved it, they are a good beauty product because my face is all clean, although it is true that I do not like much its format, I prefer them to come in a normal boat.

Peel-Off Mask - Cleanser - Lemon.

Removes impurities and dead cells. Feel the freshness on your skin and get a uniform tone without shine.
The great astrological capacity of the lemon helps you to regulate the levels of fat and thus fight against acne, pimples or blackheads. Rosemary, in addition, is a stimulating, regenerative and perfect cleansing complement.
This mask is the one that I wanted to try the most and I liked it very much, it leaves the skin clean, it They remove very well the remains of mask and also the skin is very cool.
This mask gives for 3 uses, and I liked it more than the previous, because although the previous one is the clean face this I notice it as it even changes my skin a little, its price is 5.50 €
Both masks I liked but more the second than the first.