Low cost finished products

Hello Beauty!
Today I come with another round of Low cost finished products This time it's not much because I do not like it that I accumulate, I live with the fear that someone thinks I have some disease .. and as always they are female cosmetics and makeup.

Fluid make-up of crystal vera , the worst can not be, it does not cover anything, it dries the skin in order I have not found anything good for it. It is clear that the Chinese are good at many things, but the makeup resists them.
Your price: 2 €
Where to buy: I bought it in one local store although I have also seen it in the Chinese.
Score: 2/10
I would buy it again: no.

Yesensy enamels: are pretty good.
Price: 1 €
Where to buy: in the Chinese.
Score: 7/10
I would buy them again: no, why have I tried the ones in fine brush of HyM and I like them more, because in these half you have to throw them because no matter how hard you tighten enamel.

Eiko enamel: is a very bad enamel after two hours is peeling, the only good thing is that it has color, but total so that it does not last anything, it is foolishly painting your nails with the.
Price: 1.50 €
Where to buy it: in the Chinese.
Rating: 3/10
I would buy it again: no

Makeup I do not know what brand, He does not put it but I think it is also from the top brand Vera.Do you like feminine cosmetics ?