The most fattening foods

Hello girls!
Almost all of us have at some point put on or tried to go on a diet, most seek the healthiest products to eat.
However, if you eat well but then you peck at the foods that make you fatter we will not go anywhere. So today I bring you a list with the foods that fatten more and that if we are on a diet we should avoid or eat in moderation.

The 11 most fattening foods:

1. In number one of the ranking of the most fattening foods are the famous fried potatoes , they are very good but only 15 potatoes make 160 calories a lot compared to food healthy from which we can eat much more and consume the same calories.

Worst of all is that they are addictive, it is almost impossible to eat just one, that's why you deserve the first place in the most fattening foods.

2. Soft drinks , whether it's coke, orange fanta, lemon fanta or any white-labeled beverage ... they contain a lot of sugar, they also contain phosphorus that prevents the absorption of calcium in the bones. div>
When I eat at home I do not remember her, but the truth is that when I go out to eat out I automatically ask for a fanta or a coke and that is fatal, from now I will try to think better.
3. In the number 3 of the foods that fatten the most , are Hamburgers , and they are great but beware, a traditional hamburger brings 740 calories and if you go to a place of fast food and you eat it with coca cola and chips will be a total of about 1300 calories approximately.
We go almost all the calories that you are supposed to ingest in a single day you will in half an hour and in the most insane way possible.
If you have a lot of hamburger cravings, make them at home with minced meat and reduce the amount of mayonnaise that you put on it. Because you put too much tomato and lettuce, nothing happens, these foods are good.
4. Microwave popcorn , is a food that does not seem to get fat , but five grams of them are 500 calories. Better to eat another snacking thing, any other bag of worms will be better than these.
5. The pizzas I have said many times that it is my favorite food but a single piece of pizza is 280 calories.Or if you are very vague, buy it directly at the bakery, here they sell 3 pizza bases for one euro and they are freshly made.
Afterwards I only add a little bit of tomato, cheese and ham and it's much more healthy, I can eat the whole pizza and they are the same calories as just a piece of the previous ones.
6. Ice cream is ranked # 6 in foods that get fatter ; They are made up of cream, milk and sugar, high-calorie products. If for example your ice cream is chocolate they will be about 400 calories, they are very good but it is to think about it.
There are already many machines that allow you to make them at home and control the sugar you put in.
7. Alcoholic beverages, Apart from the fact that alcohol can not bring you anything good, it contains many calories. If you eat well but you are a drunkard you will get a belly like a pregnant one.
8. The Emmentaler cheese, is all the good that you want but it makes you feel good. 100 grams of this cheese have 400 calories. If you like to eat cheese, try fresh cheese because it has much less calories.

9. Pasta ​​b>, this food in itself is not the most fattening. The problem is that for example the macaroni is not eaten alone, we use to put tomato, cheese, sauces .... or in the worst case like me, cheese and bacon, a caloric bomb that should be avoided or try to eat better so that it is not one of the foods that fatten us the most .

10 The industrial bakery, is the food that more fattening known by all, but even knowing it, we continue eating them. 100 grams contain 450 calories, they are very good but we have to eat them moderately.

11. The nuts, that food that seems so healthy and that deceives us.