Beauty tricks for fine hair, looks mane

¡Hola Belleza !!

The fine hair may come from inheritance against which we have nothing to do or may be due to other causes such as continuous washing , badly brush your hair ...
The problem of having fine hair is that it is weaker than having very little volume, so today I bring you some Beauty tricks for hair.

Beauty tricks for fine hair:

1. Site wash the hair to have more volume dry it well with the dryer but try not to spend much heat, putting it at a medium temperature and the head down.
2. Nosecar the hair rubbing with the towel as we can damage the cuticle capillary and also break the rest of the hair.
3. Avoid the use of hair gel, this is not a beauty trick but a tip, since the rubber bands eventually weaken your hair.
4. Use shampoos and specific masks for fine hair because they are softer, they can sometimes cost a little bit more expensive, but you'll save it in hairdressing.
5. It is not advisable for a fine hair to have it very long the best is a medium hair, since if you leave it long, it weighs a lot and being so fine it easily breaks down.
6.Use a good brush to untangle, you can use the Tangle teezer or lacopy this buyincois brush which is much cheaper and goes great. I have both and I do not notice the difference between the real and the imitation.
7. One of the best tricks for hair is to avoid products with silicones , as this greases our hair more and not cakes us.
8.When let's use the dryer to keep it at least 30 cm away, so as not to burn the hair.
9. Another good hair beauty trick , is to make transparencies or wicks as it gives a feeling that you have more because it creates more volume.
10.Before using the iron of the Hair uses a thermal protector so it does not burn and adjusts its temperature. Do not use it at very high temperatures.
11. Site combs and your hair is stuck to your head, to make it look like we have more we can take the second layer of our hair inside and comb the hair towards above as card it , and thus it will look more voluminous.
12.Hydramos hair tips , this we can do with special oils for hair, I recommend you do it in the wet.
13. Find the right conditioner, this depends on each type of hair. I use mercadona the one liter boat that is only worth one euro, because it is very soft and I am doing very well.
What do these beauty tricks for fine hair look like ?

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