Beauty tricks to eliminate hair dandruff

Hello Beauty!
Today I bring you some homemade beauty tricks to eliminate the uncomfortable dandruff, the one that gives us trouble of head and that appears when you least expect it, or directly never goes away.
beauty tricks for hair with dandruff

Beauty tricks to remove Hair dandruff:

-When we wash our hair, it is best to massage the scalp with the lashes of the fingers, for about minutes and then leave actuarel shampoo.
-Use products for hair with dandruff that do not contain alcohol.
-Dream well at least 7 hours and if it can be 8 hours much better and have a balanced diet.
- Use shampoos specific for dandruff . I use the HyS and I'm doing very well but I'm alternating with other shampoos for dandruff so I do not get used to it. Because when I get used to a shampoo does not do anything to me.
- A good beauty trick for hair with dandruff is putting too little amount of shampoo , when you wash it with a lot of shampoo the only thing you get is that it accumulates more fat.
- Pasartiempo while giving you the sun also helps reduce dandruff. If you remember to use sunscreen for your skin, we do not want "the remedy to be worse than the disease" .

Home remedies to eliminate hair dandruff:

- In a water bowl we put lemon let it act a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.
- Another good beauty trick for the hair is to do the above but with vinegar of cider.
- Another home remedy is to put the almond oil directly in the hair, and wash it in the normal way.

Finally, if none of these tricks works for you, you can try>>> Placentinol anti dandruff shampoos.

Do you follow any of these beauty tips to remove dandruff ? Kisses