Diy from shirt to dress in 30 seconds

Hello girls!
Today I bring you a post of tricks for girls those that I like "Of those of making the fool" haha ​​of a shirt we will make a dress , we see it?

How to make a dress of a shirt:

1. To make a shirt a dress we take a shirt preferably smooth, we go down the neck to the height of the chest and we take one of the sleeves.
From shirt to dress
2. The sleeve that we have taken the inside, and with the other we do the same.
From shirt to dress

3. And ready we have a dress, if we put a jacket, it is much more formal and beautiful.

From shirt to dress

And four, yes it's what you're thinking a t-shirt bigger would be better, but I think it's a good option to convert a shirt into a dress in the fastest way.

Do you like my new dress-shirt ? Do you like these tricks for girls ?

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