My opinion about Albert d'Arnal

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Albert D'Arnal was born in 1969, as a training school for beauticians. With own or franchised schools, using their training methods and studying their courses. As you imagine selling female cosmetics .
I have sent several samples all of the same cream the CHRONOBIOLOGICAL , since you wanted me to give my opinion in this beauty blog , however I tell you that I did not like anything.
Albert d 'Arnal

What the Albert d'Arnal brand says about these creams:

DAY CREAM; It delays the passage of time on the skin. Day cream formulated with Imudilin®, a product that generates immuno-stimulation to restore immune defenses and stimulate cell metabolism.
The Imudilin® is able to "set the time" the genes that regulate circadian cycles (biorhythms), in a very similar way to the effect of beneficial sunlight, without its disadvantages.
How to use this cream?
After toning the skin, apply (in the morning) a light amount of product and gently massage until completely absorbed.
Albert d 'Arnal cream

My opinion about the Choronobiological cream of Albert d'Arnal:

Each m It's a once for all and it's a moisturizer but honestly I do not notice anything else, the only thing I notice is that my face is sticky but it does not hydrate anything, I still have a few left so I'll take it out on finished products, but for now I do not recommend it at all.
Because if its price is low cost, I would recommend it because it is a moisturizer and that is always good. But for its price there are much better.

sample Albert d 'Arnal

Have you bought this cream from Albert d 'Arnal ? What do you think?