My reliable ebay sellers

Hello Beauty!
Today I leave a post that you can find useful when shopping for ebay, I put the sellers reliable to which I usually buy them and with which I have never had any problem. No shipping problems, with the sizes ... they are all reliable or at least they have been with me.
reliable ebay sellers

My reliable ebay sellers are:

(If you are interested, copy the url in google)
1. Has this seller I buy things for mobile mostly plastics screen 4 for € 1 that is a bargain. And also covers for the mobile and covers.
2. This seller is from Spain so it has the advantage that the orders arrive much earlier than my maximum take 5 days to reach me & _armrs = 1 & _from = & _ ipg = & _ trksid = p3686 . To this Ebay seller I also buy mobile phone cases and electronic small devices.
Edito: This seller has already closed the store.
3. Has this other seller I've bought you watches, several products from > Cosmetics and makeup and also some things for the home.
4. My favorite seller of cosmetics and makeup is this also from Spain, in the that you can find creams, blushes ... and what I buy are herbal masks conk mask.
5. And my favorite seller of all is this
When I enter your store I get scared by that you do not leave empty-handed is a kind of buyincoins sells many things of nail art, necklaces, bracelets, rings, things for hair ... and what I like most is that everything I have this seller has the three B's (Good, nice and cheap) and up to here my reliable sellers.
Whenever you buy on ebay I recommend you pay with paypal and do it to sellers who have at least 90% of votes reliable.
If you do not want to be cheated, I recommend you read Keys to buy successfully on ebay.
Do you buy from ebay to reliable sellers ? Kisses