My sincere opinion of the blogger world and more welcome to the world of fake

Hello new!
Now I come with an entry that will end with me but sincerely I do not care. Like yesterday I commented on fb and twitter there are those who step on the post and you know well that at no time I gave any name.

It all started when I wrote this entry How to get more visits in a blog enese post in point number 8 I put:
You should also know that if you do not spam but in the comments they leave you sparingly the rel = nofollow when they leave the link to your blog and directly brings you to it, this attribute what it does is tell Google that your content has spam so the mister google detects it and lets follow your links. Spanish translation: great for your followers will get visits, bad for you because Google sanctions you and you lose visits. So they have me in my other blog Truquitosparalaschicas frita! Google does not want me anymore. I'm going to have to start controlling it.
Comments that leave me:
I liked the post and more than anything because we should all make an entry on point 8 in order not to leave more spam . I did not know because nobody explained it to me and I left it a thousand times but I'm already correcting it. The fact is that when someone leaves your link and is told, it seems to bother you. And why does it bother him? Because he does not know what consequences he has. I like to leave the link because then there is no human way to find the blog of lablogger since you click on its name and it does not take you to the blog (I imagine that it can be restored) but I do not want Google to hate me and I do not harmed
Up there, right? After two days this person gets to talk about the same thing that seems great but always cite the source, that is, my other blog.
I tell you to quote my source and I jump for petenera that if you have found it by google in other blog ... anyway those sources are put but anyway, alomejores that is very smart but to me in google I have never appeared before and I have had to cross many emails and wait a long time to check it since Anyolme left a comment saying that his visits had been downloaded.
It seems super unfair that something that has taken me months to check and send many emails with the above comes a list and put it on your blog as if nothing.
And lomejor is the world of liars that surrounds blogger!
Some people come to my blog and he tells me that well, then he goes to his and says lomismo ...
There are people who criticize me in groups because they think I'm not there and when I comment We have already been caught with the ice cream cart and we better shut up.
Then there are the typical reviewers that without having passed in your life for my blog they say ahh it will be a failure that is not successful with your blog, sorry you miss if it is that You can call it that but here is the second in the blog awards and those who criticize me? Aiss forgives esque from my second position to more than 100 that neither appear nor hear you tell me the number.and if it is always the same that complains because I'm up to my nose because like this one I'm telling you, there are others but as a new sonblog I say it's ok they do not know how it's going yet and what to do.
And if avosotras does not give you anything, tell me that from now on I will go through your blog to copy your entries and I will not move any finger.
And I've been blogging for the past two bloggers of the kind that I tell them are dry and go with divas I was noticing . Care Melyssa in this world can not be good and it is so.
Hayblog to which I have made headers, I have designed the blog, I have asked how to collaborate with companies and I have helped them, they sent me leathery at 2 o'clock in the morning because they had doubts and I have answered them and how they pay me? I was grateful that they did not pay me in any way, instead of paying me a bad one.
And esque the blogger world is like this you make a blog and you already put the label of "lie @" and that's because everything seems nice, beautiful ... you see one with a jacket that your grandmother puts on and you say there that pretty, and I must admit that I do not I say ostias where you are so ugly ... but I do not tell you that it is beautiful I do not comment and ready.
So I would like to know where you buy that label to put it on me too.
Perono, do you know why? , which I have already stopped following a few when they have learned ..., I must be that I am a bad influence as my mother would say ... Since I was born I love the world Rap/hip hop and this world always taught me that you have to go with the truth ahead, be honest and if something it bothers you, it's upsetting who bothers you, you axis to follow who wants but better not to fail yourself, at least so I can morirtranquila
Another point is Since I said that they copied me constantly, they sent me people who read me to tell me, this blogger copies you, this teplagia ... something that I am grateful for but that is already burning me and not for those who send me emails, messages to Facebook ... precisely.
On the other hand I'm glad because it's a sign that they realize.
And for last you know that I do not force anyone to follow me I've said many times you do not like my blog and my opinions do not worry here you can see How to stop following a blog.
Ymuchas know who I'm telling you that I'm not saying that I'm a malablogger, or that I'm copying all the posts, but that I put it to me that's very clear to me yes ! if you do not leave a comment saying that you did not know it and then you write it in the end, each one of you will find your own conclusion.
Now you can tell me everything you think without shutting down what you carry inside good or bad that I do not care because when I listen
Everything will be forgotten, because that's why I love Rap because it makes all the criticisms come in one ear and out the other.